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Dial Marriage  
DialMarriage is a Match Making Service of the WelcomeMarriage Group and works in collaboration with under business partnership terms.
DialMarriage Users
  1. Must be an Internet User
  2. Must have a matrimonial advertisement posted on
  3. Must have a valid Email & Photo of the candidate on the matrimonial advertisement on
  4. Must have no objection in advertising their matrimonial ad on other media source (Newspaper, Internet, etc.)
  5. Must accept DialMarriage Terms & Conditions in writing via email
  6. Must abide by Terms & Conditions
Work Process
  1. DialMarriage Service will be provided only to profiles accepted by us
  2. We shall send available matching data for selection to you via E-Mail
  3. You will be provided Bank details for depositing the Service Charge Or may pay online for logging into
  4. On receiving your payment, we shall communicate with your selected advertiser
  5. All enquiries (Does not include Verifications) shall be communicated to either side in multiple telephonic sessions
  6. On agreement from either side, we shall conduct a Tele-Conference Call between you and your selection and contact number will be shared with you only if the other side allows us
  7. We shall consider the service to be Complete as soon as contact details is shared with you
  8. If in any case, the contact number is disclosed or shared between either parties without our interference during the Tele-Conference Call, we shall consider the service to be Complete
  9. The whole communication may be recorded and can be used as evidence in future (if necessary)
  10. The recorded communication may or may not be shared with you depending on the purpose of your need. The decision lies upon us.

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