plans & offers

monthly plan

basic plan 0 CCP Rs. 150.00
Box Plan 0 CCP Rs. 300.00

Till Marriage Plan*

basic plan 0 CCP Rs. 2000.00
Basic Box Plan 0 CCP Rs. 2400.00
Basic Plus Plan 20 CCP Rs. 2500.00
Box Plus Plan 30 CCP Rs. 3500.00

Add-ON Plan (Only for Registered Advertiser)

CCP-4 4 CCP Rs. 600.00
CCP-10 10 CCP Rs. 1200.00
First Talk** Each Rs. 1000.00
Stock-Ad Plan 0 CCP Contacts will be
made available on Demand against Payment till we feel

CCP Used to view Yet-to-Marry Certified Contact of selected advertisementfrom our Stock-Ad

* Two years in 1st Block. Next FREE renewal every year on expiry of 1st Block.

+ Platform Usance Fees

**First Talk Service- Assistance for scheduling call time between you and your chosen

advertiser Validity: Till Marriage

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Refer Scheme

Refer 1 New AD and Collect 1 Contact(CCP) for FREE

Referal Format
Refer's Mobile No Refer's Name Refer's Relation with you Your Mobile No Your Name

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