Privacy Policy is India’s First Newspaper like Matrimonial Ad Service on Internet. The basic functionality of includes display of matrimonial advertisements on the website and/or circulates the matrimonial advertisements to other members via Email/SMS with the sole purpose of marriage.

• All the information provided by the advertising members of during registration process are considered as public information and and allowing it for display/circulation are at advertiser’s discretion. However, it is mandatory to provide at least one contact detail and allow the same to be displayed on website/circulation

• We do not force advertisers to provide any sort of private information to be displayed on website. It is totally upon the advertisers decision to provide information which he/she feels suitable necessary for the purpose of match finding

• Financial information submitted by advertisers during the process of payment of’s Service Fees is considered highly confidential and we not disclose any part of the information to anyone except in case of requirement by the court of law

• Apart from advertiser submitted information, we might also store other information such as IP Address, Login Details for our administrative analysis purpose and for tracking purpose in case of any illegal activity. These information also remains confidential and shall not be disclosed to anyone.

 • If ever ties-up with any third party as partner to add more value to our service, advertisers may or may not opt for the service. However in this case also your personally indentifiable information’s will remain confidential to us and you are also requested to review the third party partner's policies and accept only if it suits your purpose

 • has no control over the privacy policy of other linked on our site. So advertisers are suggested to read their privacy policies. is not responsible for the privacy policy of any other website.

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