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We help to connect you to your chosen match from MarriagePaper.com via Video Conference or Tele Conference.



Talk to your Match from the comfort of your home. All you need is a Smartphone and an Internet Connection


You have the freedom to choose the match you wish to talk you


First Talk is our People's Choice Service and is the most effective way of match finding

About First Talk

At MarriagePaper, we understand that finding the right partner can often be stressful and time consuming. So, we bring to you a service that does most of the hard work of locating appropriate matches for you and saves your valuable time & effort.

First Talk is the most elite service package offered by MarriagePaper that includes an experienced ‘First Talk Manager’, who is dedicated to identify ideal matches according to your match preferences & other special specifications and initiates negotiations on your behalf.

Steps of Conference

Both sides must agree to the below points:
  • Smartphone/Laptop is needed for video conference
  • In case, both the party opt for Audio Conference then Smartphone/Laptop is not mandatory
  • For the video conference, our team will let you know the choice of video calling app which we would be using
  • Both the parties should have the video calling app installed on their Smartphone
  • Conference will be conducted between the parties at a mutually agreed time
  • Gentle behavior is expected and requested from both parties
  • Our First Talk Manager will be present during the entire duration of the call and will monitor the behavior of the users
  • During the call, contact sharing is NOT ALLOWED under any circumstance
  • Contact details of the 2nd user will shared with the First Talk user after the call is over and only upon agreement from both sides
  • If a First Talk user discloses their Contact Details during the call, then the case will be considered as Contact Exchanged and a credit point will be deducted
  • If a 2nd user discloses their contact without our consent they will be charged Rs.1000.00 for the case. Failing to pay the penalty fee on time, their profile will be suspended from our platform and will only be re-activated after the payment of the penalty.
  • We will keep a record of the Conference for our official purpose and it will not be shared with any person or any organisation except any Law Enforcement Department of India (if required)


We have the most affordable pricing for this service

First Talk Plan


for 3 months
  • Up to 6 Contact Exchange during Plan Period
  • Unused Fees Refund Policy
  • Dedicated First Talk Manager

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