My Details

Groom, 33, 5'8", Unmarried
Ethnicity: Hindu, Bengali, Napit , Deb, Alimman, Vrishchika-Scorpio, Non Mangalik
Qualification: Master Degree, Honors, MA, (BENGALI )
Profession: Service, Non Officer (Central Govt), Postal Assistant At Department Of Posts.Government Of India. , Income 30000 To 50000 PM, Currently At: Nadia, West Bengal
Personal Details: Wheatish, Average
About Myself: Smart
Our Family: , Father , Business , Mother , House Wife , Only Child, Own House At Chakdaha
Resident Of: - Nadia, West Bengal

My Expectation

We Are Looking For: Bride 26 To 30, 5' To 5'5", Unmarried, Hindu, Bengali, Napit , Alimman, Suitable Educated, Income Does Not Matter, Service, KANCHARAPARA, West Bengal, Beautiful Smart

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