Common Useful F.A.Q

How to start Negotiations?

You have TWO Options of Starting Negotiation
Post your Advertisement as
1) CONTACT OPEN,(Paid Service)  or
2) CONTACT NOT OPEN (Free Service)
Any visitor of Website or Our Advertiser Member can contact you
Stright way by other end if Contact Available
else other end has to pay us to contact you
Most Popular : Basic Plus(+) Plan --Cost : Rs. 2500.00 .
This Service is includes  
Till Marriage Circulation of AD with Contact for VIA Email/ SMS  & Site Display
+ Unlimited Proposal 

Process of Advertisement & Circulation?


Sign-up by filling Registration form,

Get instant matching Mail

Photo will appear onsite after approval





Ad will create as soon as matter gets approved

Ad circulates via



How to increase chance of selection?

1) Update your ytm (Yet-to-Marry) Status regularly

2) Power your Profile by providing Photo-ID-Proof

3) Post Photograph


Type of AD?

Two Type of Ad

Paid Ad

Free Ad

Cost of Ad?

Service available    



Till Marriage Plan



Basic PLUS Plan @ Rs. 2500.00

(Ad Circulation as Contact Included

+ Unlimited Proposal)


Service of Paid Ad?

Basic Ad - Ad Circulation as Contact Unlocked

Basic PLUS Ad - Basic Ad and 20 selected contacts from STOCK-AD

Box Ad - Basic PLUS AD (Keeping Mobile No Boxed from being public)

All Paid Advertiser Can Propose UNLIMITED candidates

What Free Ad ?

Stock Ad- ( Locked Contact)- FREE

Validity – One Year

Services of Free Ad?

Ad Circulation with locked contact

(Paid Advertiser can contact You on demand against payment)

What is CCP and its Benefit ?

Contact Credit Point is used to unlock Contact Details of our YET-to-MARRY CERTIFIED STOCK AD

To use CCP *

1) LOGIN with your ID/ Passward

2) Select Match

( From Mail List, Website or SMS )

3) Click on " SHOW CONTACT "

4) Confirm your wish to use CCP by clicking " YES "

Your Desired Contact will Appear instantly

* service available ONLY to ADVERTISER Obtainable on Payment



We have Two Type of AD

1) Ad with Contact UNLOCKED (Paid Service)

2) Ad but Contact LOCKED ( FREE Service )

Benefit of UNLOCKED Contact


Match be able to Contact You EASILY

2. PROPOSE (with Contact) to UNLIMITED Matches



Benefit of LOCKED Contact

Ad remains in STOCK till a steady enquiry comes from other end

Paid Advertisers can Contact by using CCP


CCP is used to view contact of stock-ad

CCP is available against payment


Propose means you can inform your willingness to your Matches


SUCCESS RATE Around 10 %